How do I add my credentials to VR?

How do I add my credentials to VR?

How can I list my certifications and credentials on VR, you ask?

1. Open your Account Page (green button at top left) and select Edit.

If you haven't already listed emergency contact info here, please do!  Your personal information is only visible to VR administrators and STAR Team leaders.

2. If you have jpg or pdf images of your certifications you'll want to upload those first:

  • Select the Images tab and at the bottom of the page select Add image.  A small window will open where you can Add and Upload multiple files.  We'll need to see your cerificate to verify your certification!

3. Next you can begin adding certifications.

  • Select the Certifications tab and then the appropriate subfolder tab.  You'll find ICS 100, 200, etc. under EMI-FEMA and SARTech certifications under NASAR.
  • Click Add when you see a certification you'd like to add.  A small window will open where you can select the image you've just uploaded and enter the certification date (and expiration date, if applicable).  For those certifications that do expire you can also set up expiration notifications.

Remember to Save your work before leaving the page!

AND - Be sure to maintain a personal file of your own!

 (See more about editing your details here:

Please contact if you have any questions - and let us know if you've updated your files.


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