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Welcome to the "virtual office" of STAR 1 Search and Rescue.  If you're looking for information about the team (including contact and deployment information) you'll find that on our public website at (a.k.a. "VR") serves as a central location for member information, calendar items, announcements, documents and administrative tasks.  Remember that will redirect you to this page.

Volunteer Rescue is a web service created and provided by a SAR Manager in British Columbia.  As you poke around our VR site you may discover original content from the developer.

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What's new

  • Dec 2017:  New Ready Pack page has been added to the Links page, and a SAR library/resource page is in the works.
  • Oct 2017:  CONGRATULATIONS to the FOURTEEN students who have successfully completed Boot Camp and the SARTech II Exam!  Three are current members (SARTech IIIs) and we hope to be welcoming the others to our team as they complete the membership requirements.  (STAR 1 Membership Requirements can be found in the New Member Information and New Member Requirements documents at
  • Members and Member-Prospects:  You may already be in the system with your username in the format of J.Smith.  You can request a new password at the log-in (top right corner of this page).  Please contact if you have any difficulties.
  • We've developed a page of BOOT CAMP RESOURCES as a supplement to the FUNSAR Book and scheduled training.
  • VR provides a means to collect, store and track the credentials and attendance of each member and member prospect.  Please add your certifications to your VR account, and consider tracking your training hours here.  NASAR requires documentation of training and deployment hours for recertification!
  • Download the VR app to access our VR site and other useful SAR tools with your mobile device.   Search for "Volunteer Rescue" at Google Play or the iTunes App store.


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STAR 1 Search and Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Donors may deduct contributions under IRC Section 170.  STAR 1 may also receive tax deductible bequests, devises, transfers or gifts under Section 2055, 2106, or 2522.


This web site has been created by and is provided by VolunteerRescue of SKRPC Holdings Inc., Fernie, BC, Canada.