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For all things related to Boot Camp:

    • Man Tracking 101
      • SARTech II Exam Tasks
        • Indicate, measure and mark Stride
        • Indicate, measure and mark length of Print
        • Indicate, measure and mark the width of Ball
        • Indicate, measure and mark the width of Heel
        • Indicate, measure and mark the width of Instep
        • Properly search for the next track by “sweeping”
        • Indicate and properly mark 10 out of 10 tracks
  • Basic GPS Operations *
    • SARTech II Exam Tasks
      • Turn unit on and off
      • Indicate what battery life is left in batteries
      • Demonstrate how to change batteries
      • Set map datum (indicated by Evaluator)
      • Set units for distance (indicated by Evaluator)
      • Set location date type (indicated by Evaluator - we may substitute time)
      • Set units for location coordinate readout
      • Clear track log
      • Turn track log on and off
      • Determine current location (in UTM)
      • Plot current location on the provided topographic map (in UTM)
      • Describe how does GPS unit indicate if it has adequate satellite coverage

* You may test with a Team unit (Garmin Legend etrex HCx) or with your own.  Instructions for some of the Garmins models are here.


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